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     The team was fantastic, working skillfully in warm weather. Very professional, they turned a messy situation into something great.
H. Healey08/07/2024
     Our cleaner consistently performs admirably.
F. Firby20/06/2024
     Superior cleaning service. Very meticulous and highly professional.
Luke Y.10/06/2024
     The support from both my cleaner and the office is a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction.
E. Holloway22/05/2024
     The admin staff's efficiency in sourcing potential candidates was impressive and saved me a lot of time and effort.
Thomas Henderson29/04/2024
     Exceptional house maintenance. The cleaning team consistently reminded me of our appointment for meeting with the cleaner before they began their work.
     I have tried other cleaning companies, but none compare to HollowayCarpetCleaners.
     Our choice to switch out sofas inspired us to make sure everything in our home was as fresh as possible by having our carpets professionally cleaned beforehand.
Harriet Klein11/03/2024
     The cleaners at HollowayCarpetCleaners did an incredible job in short order - not only did they have my carpets looking good as new, but they also offered valuable advice on keeping them presentable over time and managed to rid them of hidden stains that weren't immediately visible.
U. Davids27/01/2023
     The home cleaning service was a top job and Holloway Cleaning Firm were a great company to deal with.
Caroline B19/05/2020
     I've used this company so many times for home cleaning that they know me by the first name. Quality service keeps me coming back.
August M.20/09/2019
     Thanks to the great end of lease cleaners at Holloway Carpet Cleaning Company for cleaning my flat before I left. My landlord thought the place looked immaculate and gave me my bond back without a problem. Thanks so much! I am so grateful!
Fiona Rickard21/04/2016
     When you need to get a house cleaned as soon as possible, finding the right company is so difficult. I realise this because I recently found myself let down by one company with little notice before I was hosting a big event. Fortunately, someone gave me the details for Holloway Carpet Cleaning Company and they've now got a customer for life. The job they did, in the time that they did it really was truly fantastic. When it comes to making sure that I get the best solutions in the future, it's nice to know who exactly to call and get help.
Kelly Green04/06/2014
     I absolutely couldn't be without Holloway Carpet Cleaning Company now, my husband works away so I'm usually having to do it all at home and when you've got 3 screaming babies to tend too, it's not easy finding time to do much else. I hired this company for a little help at home and they are brilliant, I can leave all the main chores to the experts now and concentrate on my kids instead. They come to my home weekly for a little spruce up but every month they perform a major clean. It helps me to stay on top of things and it's not that expensive, well worth the cost and highly recommendable!
     Ensuring that your house is always clean can be difficult if you are a busy person. Sometimes it is better to admit defeat and get a professional cleaner in before it is too late, as otherwise you may find that your house gets in to a bit of a state! I have always used Holloway Carpet Cleaning Company for my cleaning, and would recommend them highly to anyone out there. They are very pleasant to have around, and I trust them highly. Amongst all this, they charge a very reasonable rate, which makes the deal that little bit sweeter!